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Ahad, 23 September 2012

Dr Mahathir lepas geram : Melayu jangan berani mencuba !

KUALA LUMPUR Sept 23 ― Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has called the Malays “ungrateful” and “lacking intelligence” warning that the greed of a few power-hungry Malays in the opposition would see the country’s dominant race lose its political power “If any of these Malay oppositon parties win the elections and forms the government this government would have to follow the dictates of other races “The Malays will no longer hold dominance in the government that they were so willing to share with others ” he said in a special column titled “Suara Hati Mahathir” published in Mingguan Malaysia today the weekend edition of Umno-owned Utusan Malaysia In his lengthy tirade against the Malays the former prime minister expressed sadness that the Malays were now purportedly split into three factions and said that this has resulted in them “begging” for support from the other races “It has forced them to beg for support even from those who have all this time been fighting against efforts to uplift the positions of the Malays and make them equal to the others “But this support is not given for free ” he warned “Who brought on this disaster No other than the Malays themselves ― greedy Malays Malays lacking in intelligence Malays easily influenced by lust easily dominated by hatred when agitated ” he continued in typical no-holds-barred fashion.
Begitu longgar pandangan dr Mahathir yang boleh disimpulkan begini : " biarlah orang Melayu diperbodohkan, yang penting UMNO terus berkuasa untuk percaya bahawa bangsa Melayu tidak berhak untuk membuat pilihan terbaik demi masa depan mereka"...baca komen saya seterusnya diblog ini.

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