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Isnin, 5 November 2012


MCA's anti-hudud tirade and UMNO's fear

Victor Lim,21 October 2012

The MCA's tirade over hudud (Islamic criminal law) has exposed UMNO as a party that does not truly champion the cause of Muslims and Islam. Why is UMNO tolerating and allowing the insults hurled by the adulterer Chua Soi Lek at hudud and Islam?

Is UMNO so weak that it cannot defend Islam against MCA, a party that supports adultery?

At least the Islamist PAS has no pretences about defending Islam for Muslims. And it is their right to do so. Unlike in the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, the Malaysian Chinese community is no more fearful of PAS and Islam.

As Malaysians, made up of various races and religious faiths, we are aware of the need to be tolerant and to respect each other faiths.

Hudud is just one aspect of Islam. It is an Islamic criminal law and applies to Muslims only. Any fear of the law being extended to non-Muslims is merely speculative, inapplicable and unrealistic.

MCA’s continuous harping on the hudud only shows its political immaturity in the modern digital era. The people are now more informed due to the borderless Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) network.

Unlike previously, the people now abhor any form of racial and religious slur. They know and value the rewards of unity – peace, happiness and prosperity.
We are now in the 21st century.

Both UMNO and MCA have yet or refused to grow out of the 20th century and are thus becoming more and more politically irrelevant. And for the non-Muslims who continue to criticise hudud and express and promote fear for Islam, don’t you want others to respect your faith? You have to also respect the faith of others to earn that respect. You don’t want others to teach you how to live and be guided by your faith, likewise you should also leave hudud and Islam to the Muslims.

And to the UMNO Malays who pretend to be pious Muslims but cannot even defend the insults from a zina MCA, your true colours have been exposed.

All UMNO and Barisan Nasional (BN) care is the gravy train that comes with political power, which they have enjoyed and abused to plunder the country’s wealth for 55 years.

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